World Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations

The World Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations is a working party (WP.29) [1] of the Sustainable Transport Division of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE). It is tasked with creating a uniform system of regulations, called UN Regulations, for vehicle design to facilitate international trade. Continue reading

Woman who live streamed deadly car crash arrested: ‘I f**king killed my sister, I know I’m going to jail for life’

Obdulia Sanchez kept filming during and after the crash

  • Samuel Osborne
  • @SamuelOsborne93
  • Monday twenty four July two thousand seventeen 08:01 BST

The Independent US

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Why more than one million Americans have died in car crashes since 1990

The inwards track on Washington politics.

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Santa Ana police officers examine one of the cars involved in a fatal collision in Santa Ana, Calif. (Sam Gangwer/Orange County Register/AP)

Mayhem on America’s highways has taken the lives of just over one million people since 1990, a level of decimation that has gotten far less attention than the approximately 659,000 people struck down by AIDS since it began garnering headlines in the 1980s. Continue reading

When a BMW’s cheapest – the cost of losing your car keys exposed

We expose the surging cost of losing your car keys as well as which cars cost most and what you can do to bring it down

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  • 13:13, twenty three MAY 2017
  • Updated 13:56, twenty three MAY 2017
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Locking your keys in your car, losing them while out, accidentally binning or recycling them, children hiding them. Continue reading

What counts as a gangster car these days?

Are you a gangster? It seems unlikely. They don’t subscribe to weekly car magazines, or if they do, they don’t inject into much correspondence with us.

Perhaps that is understandable, what with all that gangstering. I suppose their days are preoccupied with issues like shooters and pigs – they go through bone like butter, you know – rather than writing to Autocar. Continue reading


A Month Till Dig This Invercargill Opens

Todd & Co Realty Home of the Week

Mal’s Monday Music Memory with LittleFire MusicWorks. RIP Walter Becker

Another sad day from the world of music. Walter Becker, one half of the nucleus of Steely Dan has passed away. Becker and Donald Fagan created so much…

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