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Four:53 PM An ocean swim put the group of friends up close to one of the deep’s largest predators.

Five:05 PM Common kitchen utensils are being put to use in operating theatres.

Imagining this face under a blonde wig could help bring down the mobster who’s been on the run for six months.

Bust out the moist weather gear – storm set to bring intense rain and gales to region.

Four:58 PM "Deliberate" dumping in waterway is worst investigator’s seen in twelve years.

Car slammed into the expressway median barrier that protects oncoming motorists.

Four:41 PM No complaints laid with the Minister of Health over Waikato DHB boss’ alleged irregular spending.

As a last resort, Huntly College’s principal offers up his own cash to find those targeting his school.

Ill boy flown to hospital

Some smudges on cars caused by sunblock can’t be stationary with anything less than a fresh paint job.

One of Fresh Zealand’s most productive chrysanthemum hothouse nurseries has been placed on the market for sale.

It could be anything from a smaller lump of land in an existing area to a site that’s not presently zoned residential.

A Waikato developer shells out millions of dollars to bury a section of the national power grid under a fresh suburb.

National’s crackdown on camping has met a mixed response with motorhome rental companies worried about being burdened with the cost of collecting fines.

Hale under no illusions when Close Up comebacks to Hastings.

Browne’s integrity "has never been in question" despite pony’s positive test.

Laurie Laxon can come back home to proceed training after Freedman gets go-ahead.

Tawera Kerr-Barlow says au revoir to Fresh Zealand soon but he wants another chance with All Blacks.

Youthfull gymnasts are ‘over the moon’ with their results from a North Island competition.

OPINION: We have far too many people living in unhealthy garages, sheds and in cracked down old caravans.

OPINION: Sports starlets paid millions while those who make a real difference fight.

Opinion: We have an chance to do something about social housing here in Hamilton.

OPINION: The Axe Attack is the story of Hamilton people who loved music, were determined to share it, and made it their mission to do what it took to get music into the lives of people who cared about it.

OPINION: He was an enigma, a colossus, a rural superhero of sorts, carrying mighty lumps of timber as tho’ they were so many toothpicks.

SH1 at the north end of Huntly has become a 2nd home for the people working in mobile food outlets.

Mother of three almost halved her weight working with a individual trainer and switching her diet.

A utter contact medieval combat competition has axes swinging this weekend, but whatever you do, don’t mention Game of Thrones.

Clifford Wilson’s home is packed with decades of rugby memorabilia, displaying Master Colin’s future was evident, even in 1957.

From circus to rugby to medieval combat – there’s slew to do this weekend.

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