Yoga Instructor Accused of Murdering Twin by Driving Her Off Maui Cliff

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A yoga instructor is facing a second-degree murder charge after police say she intentionally plunged the car she was driving off a Hawaii cliff — with her identical twin sister in the passenger’s seat. Continue reading

Yellow car owners hold rally in support of pensioner whose ‘ugly car’ was targeted by vandals for ruining view in Cotswolds village

D ozens of yellow car owners have held a rally in support of a pensioner’s bright yellow car, which was blamed for ruining the view in one of Britain’s most picturesque villages. Continue reading

When a BMW’s cheapest – the cost of losing your car keys exposed

We expose the surging cost of losing your car keys as well as which cars cost most and what you can do to bring it down

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  • 13:13, twenty three MAY 2017
  • Updated 13:56, twenty three MAY 2017
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Locking your keys in your car, losing them while out, accidentally binning or recycling them, children hiding them. Continue reading

What counts as a gangster car these days?

Are you a gangster? It seems unlikely. They don’t subscribe to weekly car magazines, or if they do, they don’t inject into much correspondence with us.

Perhaps that is understandable, what with all that gangstering. I suppose their days are preoccupied with issues like shooters and pigs – they go through bone like butter, you know – rather than writing to Autocar. Continue reading

Wells Fargo Hit With Car Loan Customer Lawsuit While Backlash Grows

Less than a month after Wells Fargo & Co. (WFC) CEO Timothy Sloan lodged one class-action lawsuit accusing the bank of exploiting its customers, the company is grappling with another.

This time, however, it’s over unnecessary insurance policies tacked on to auto loans rather than bogus credit card and savings accounts. Continue reading

Global Mazda MX-5 Cup quick drive: A Miata, only better


On any given weekend, at SCCA events across the country, you’ll find more Mazdas racing than every other manufacturer combined. After driving the latest version of the company`s Global MX-5 Cup car, we can see why. Most race cars are scary when you get strapped into the driver`s seat: You can slightly budge, and there are a duo thousand buttons and switches on the dash. Continue reading