Every year 1.9 million people in the UK go on a cruise, Channel four Dispatches investigates the negative influence that cruising can have on the environment and the health of passengers.

  • Ultra-fine particulate air pollution in some areas of cruise ships found to be Dual that of central London.
  • Intense Fuel Oil, used by large ships, is legally permitted to contain Trio,500 times more sulphur than is permitted in road fuel.
  • Environmentalists claim one cruise ship emits as much particulate matter every day as one million cars.

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BASF and SAP Bring Numerous Business Fucking partners Together in Global Network for Technical Assets

August 29, two thousand seventeen by SAP News two hundred eleven

August 29, two thousand seventeen by SAP News

Press Release – LUDWIGSHAFEN and WALLDORF, Germany — BASF and SAP SE (NYSE: SAP) today announced the begin of a project at BASF’s Ludwigshafen site to evaluate digital. Continue reading

Sailing Anarchy

Caribbean, Bahamas, or Eastern Seaboard: Any or all of you could be in the path of a beastly storm, so plan ahead: Get your stuff out of the water or tied up in a mangrove, get your home ready, and make sure you have a way out for you and your family. Thanks to physicist and meteorologist Levi Cowan for the web’s best hurricane forecasts. Continue reading


Ryzen robbery: fake processors reportedly being sold on Amazon

Scammers are cashing in on the popularity of AMD`s fresh Ryzen processors, with reports of fake CPUs being sold on Amazon.

There`s nothing fresh here in actual fact – there`s been a long and unfortunate history of selling cheap processors in the packaging of more expensive models – and in this case, as PC Gamer reports, there have been several incidents where customers have ordered a Ryzen seven 1700 CPU on Amazon and have received an Intel Celeron chip instead. Continue reading


C. Thomas RYTHER, Plaintiff-Appellee, v. KARE 11, an NBC Affiliate; Gannett Co., Inc., Defendants-Appellants.

Determined: May 31, 1996

KARE 11, a Twin Cities television station, refused to renew C. Thomas Ryther’s contract as lead sportscaster for a fifth three-year term. In 1991, when Ryther was terminated, he was fifty-three years old. Continue reading

Pakistan Today

  • Nawaz likely to come back on Friday, address rally on Sunday – twenty six mins ago
  • Making movies gets appalling with age, says Judi Dench – twenty six mins ago
  • ‘Thriller’ was made because Michael Jackson desired to be a monster – thirty one mins ago
  • AQ Khan says N Korea’s nuclear technology ‘much better than Pakistan’s’ – forty five mins ago
  • Boko Haram militants claimed four hundred lives since April, says Amnesty – forty eight mins ago

Road accident kills six

TOBA TEK SINGH: Six people, including two women, were killed when a Multan-bound bus ran over them near Adda Korian in Toba Tek Singh. Continue reading