The Immune System Fights Back

Our bods are under constant patrol by a vigilant team of defenders. These immune system superheroes set up barriers, determine whether an invader is dangerous, and, when necessary, go to battle.

White blood cells called T cells have the crucial task of protecting us from unwelcome pathogens and unhealthy cells. Continue reading

The cheapest electrified cars you can buy today

  • We expose the cheapest electrified cars on sale
  • All suggest low running costs and effortless recharging
  • Could one of these tempt you into an electrical car?

Electrical cars have existed since the dawn of motoring in the late-1800s, but it’s only in latest years that car buyers are taking a greater interest in them. Continue reading

The Best Luxury Cars of 2016

Good news for carmakers: Auto sales will end 2016 on a strong note. And car sales in 2018-19 are likely to rise thanks to tax cuts and infrastructure policies anticipated for 2017, IHS Markit analysts told reporters Tuesday on a yearend recap and forecasting call. Continue reading

Singaporean duo’s car stolen in Johor

A routine tour to Johor turned into a nightmare for a Singaporean duo after their car was stolen.

Mr Tengku Kamarudin Abdullah, 63, and wifey Madam Fauziah Mohamed Ali, 59, were having lunch at a friend’s home in Skudai on Sept eighteen when the incident occurred. Continue reading


Every year 1.9 million people in the UK go on a cruise, Channel four Dispatches investigates the negative influence that cruising can have on the environment and the health of passengers.

  • Ultra-fine particulate air pollution in some areas of cruise ships found to be Dual that of central London.
  • Intense Fuel Oil, used by large ships, is legally permitted to contain Trio,500 times more sulphur than is permitted in road fuel.
  • Environmentalists claim one cruise ship emits as much particulate matter every day as one million cars.

Continue reading

BASF and SAP Bring Numerous Business Fucking partners Together in Global Network for Technical Assets

August 29, two thousand seventeen by SAP News two hundred eleven

August 29, two thousand seventeen by SAP News

Press Release – LUDWIGSHAFEN and WALLDORF, Germany — BASF and SAP SE (NYSE: SAP) today announced the begin of a project at BASF’s Ludwigshafen site to evaluate digital. Continue reading