The Toll of Underage Drinking



Suicide and Self-Harm:

  • States that passed “zero tolerance” laws to reduce youth drinking-driving also experienced statistically significant reductions in suicide deaths among 15- to 20-year-olds, compared to states that did not pass such laws. 8

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The Fresh Mercedes-Maybach Is the 6-Meter-Long Car of Your Wishes

Tonight in Carmel, Calif., Mercedes-Benz unveiled the latest of its Maybach line: the Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6.

The gullwing Two+Two concept has a low, sleek rubber hood, a massive touchscreen inwards, and an all-electric powertrain. It’s meant to demonstrate what a Mercedes-Benz car could look like, and do, in ten or fifteen years' time. Continue reading

The Immune System Fights Back

Our bods are under constant patrol by a vigilant team of defenders. These immune system superheroes set up barriers, determine whether an invader is dangerous, and, when necessary, go to battle.

White blood cells called T cells have the crucial task of protecting us from unwelcome pathogens and unhealthy cells. Continue reading

The cheapest electrified cars you can buy today

  • We expose the cheapest electrified cars on sale
  • All suggest low running costs and effortless recharging
  • Could one of these tempt you into an electrical car?

Electrical cars have existed since the dawn of motoring in the late-1800s, but it’s only in latest years that car buyers are taking a greater interest in them. Continue reading

The Best Luxury Cars of 2016

Good news for carmakers: Auto sales will end 2016 on a strong note. And car sales in 2018-19 are likely to rise thanks to tax cuts and infrastructure policies anticipated for 2017, IHS Markit analysts told reporters Tuesday on a yearend recap and forecasting call. Continue reading

Singaporean duo’s car stolen in Johor

A routine tour to Johor turned into a nightmare for a Singaporean duo after their car was stolen.

Mr Tengku Kamarudin Abdullah, 63, and wifey Madam Fauziah Mohamed Ali, 59, were having lunch at a friend’s home in Skudai on Sept eighteen when the incident occurred. Continue reading