Volvo XC90 vs. Acura MDX: Compare Cars

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People’s Vote

2017 Volvo XC90 Excellence

The two thousand sixteen Acura MDX and the two thousand seventeen Volvo XC90 are both large, seven-seat luxury utility vehicles. They display how far family crossover SUVs have evolved from traditional SUVs, in design, refinement, and features, not to mention active safety, crash testing, and on-road behavior. Continue reading

UPDATE: Teenage duo killed when car split by pole in Jerome crash, police say

Emergency personnel react Monday night to a fatality crash at two hundred North and three hundred West in Jerome County.

Emergency personnel responded Monday, June 20, 2016, to a fatality crash at two hundred North and three hundred West in Jerome County. Continue reading

UK gov to ban ICE vehicles from 2040

The UK government has said that it will require all fresh cars and vans sold in Britain to be zero emission by 2040. The budge echoes a similar stir in France and is aimed at improving air quality in Britain’s cities and meeting the UK’s long-term CO2/climate switch obligations. Continue reading


Does the Family Stud auteur’s ambitious Starlet Trek spoof soar to Galaxy Quest-esque heights or crash and burn on takeoff? Dave Nemetz weighs in

Kevin Can Wait EP answers whether or not the CBS sitcom will take advantage of the chemistry inbetween the former King of Queens duo

Is holy matrimony in the cards for “Jolex” in Season 14? Continue reading

Tree-trimmer fighting for his life after falling into woodchippe – WBOY – Clarksburg, Morgantown: News, Sports, Weather

CONCORD (KRON) – A man fell into a woodchipper in Napa on Tuesday afternoon, and he is fighting for his life, according to city spokeswoman Jaina French.

The man is a city-contracted tree trimmer. Continue reading

Toyota recalls 228,000 Tacoma trucks

The company said Thursday that the recall applies to certain two thousand sixteen and two thousand seventeen Tacoma trucks.

The issue is that the vehicles’ rear differential — or a set of gears that sends power out to the rear wheels — could leak oil.

“If a vehicle is continuously operated in this condition, the rear differential could become bruised, which can result in noise and diminished propulsion,” Toyota said in a statement. “In some cases the rear differential could seize, resulting in a loss of control of the vehicle and enhancing the risk of a crash.”

Continue reading