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CONCORD (KRON) – A man fell into a woodchipper in Napa on Tuesday afternoon, and he is fighting for his life, according to city spokeswoman Jaina French.

The man is a city-contracted tree trimmer. Continue reading

Toyota recalls 228,000 Tacoma trucks

The company said Thursday that the recall applies to certain two thousand sixteen and two thousand seventeen Tacoma trucks.

The issue is that the vehicles’ rear differential — or a set of gears that sends power out to the rear wheels — could leak oil.

“If a vehicle is continuously operated in this condition, the rear differential could become bruised, which can result in noise and diminished propulsion,” Toyota said in a statement. “In some cases the rear differential could seize, resulting in a loss of control of the vehicle and enhancing the risk of a crash.”

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Top ten cars of Geneva

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Thousands without power with several Toledo streets under water because of street flooding.

T-P-D confirms an officer-involved shooting on its Twitter account.

Donate to the America Crimson Cross to help people who suffered devastating losses due to Hurricane Harvey. You can also text HARVEY to ninety thousand nine hundred ninety nine to donate $Ten. Continue reading

The sports car that runs on SALTWATER: Vehicle goes from zero to 60mph in Two.8 seconds – and has just been approved for EU roads

By Ellie Zolfagharifard for MailOnline 15:22 BST one Sep 2014, updated 15:44 BST one Sep two thousand fourteen

  • Quant e-Sportlimousine’s top speed is 217mph – equal to a McLaren P1
  • The car uses a saltwater flow cell system to power four electrical motors
  • Water passes through membrane in tanks creating an electrified charge
  • Two 200-litre water tanks can provide a range of three hundred seventy three miles (600km)
  • The four-seater is Five.25 metres (0.4ft) long and Two.Two metres broad (7.2ft)
  • Price and sale date yet to be confirmed, but may cost more than £1m

Sports cars may not have the best reputation for being environmentally-friendly, but this sleek machine has been designed to reach 217.Five mph (350 km/h) – using nothing but saltwater. Continue reading

The Best Dodge Cars and SUVs

The Dodge brand was founded in one thousand nine hundred one by Horace Elgin Dodge and John Francis Dodge – the famous Detroit-based Dodge brothers. The company began as a parts supplier to other burgeoning brands such as Oldsmobile and Ford.

The brothers began assembling their own cars under the Dodge Brothers brand in 1914. Continue reading