Surprising Facts About the Rental Car Industry

Renting a car can be a both a pleasant and an unpleasant practice all packaged up into one. On the one arm, who doesn’t love driving someone else’s car for a few days? On the other, is it just me, or do you generally feel that you get fleeced into buying extra products you don’t need? Continue reading

Send a Text, Get a Car Loan? Now There’s an App for That

Nobody wants to wait in line to get credit approved before buying a car or a truck. Shoppers are generally not so keen on having strangers stand near them as they finish their paperwork. And they don’t like sitting in some dealership back office, waiting for financing to be greenlit so they can sign off on a vehicle purchase. Continue reading

East Bay

PGA Tour Golf

Road Rage Suspect, Would-Be Car Thief Admits to Lighting Oakland Hills Fire


Concord Man Admits to Setting Oakland Hills Fire, seven Other Blazes

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A 24-year-old road rage suspect, who was nabbed by police while allegedly attempting to steal a car, has confessed to setting last week’s Oakland Hills fire and seven other blazes with a cigarette lighter, University of California, Berkeley police say. Continue reading

Road accident

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Five people were killed and ten others critically injured today in two separate road accidents in Sirmour district of Himachal Pradesh, police said.

Three members of a family were killed on Friday when a truck hit their motorcycle on national highway forty nine near Kantala square in Palalahada area of Angul district, about two hundred thirty km from here. Continue reading

Mobile phones in Kenya

Timone nine June, 2016

Over time, there are smartphones which depreciate in value so much that it becomes hard to determine why you bought them in the very very first example. Then there is the phone which at one point attracted a steep asking price but then eventually, owing to market coerces, the retailers adjusted the price so low that it becomes a hidden gem. Continue reading

Paris Motor Showcase 2016: news round-up and demonstrate report

The two thousand sixteen Paris Motor Display has delivered its bumper explosion of fresh cars and Auto Express was your guide through the excitement of the two press days. The covers are now off all of the key production car launches and the incredible concept cars that made Paris two thousand sixteen one of the most titillating car shows in latest memory. Continue reading