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From time to time, KGTV-TV will host a Observe & Win Giveaway during certain programming. For any such See & Win Giveaway (each a «Giveaway»), these rules will govern your participation in the Giveaway, and, in case there is any conflict inbetween the Sponsor`s announcement of the Giveaway and these Official Rules, these Official Rules shall govern. Continue reading

7 tricks to keep F1 cars prompt and fuel-efficient

This year the cars in F1 will have engines no thicker than yours, but they’ll still hit incredible speeds. How will they do it?

(Picture: Sutton Photos)

FORMULA ONE motor racing is all about the noise, the fumes, the gas-guzzling cars that would trash the climate in a heartbeat, were we all to drive them. Continue reading

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2017 (Q1) Japan: Best-Selling Car Brands and Models

During the very first quarter of 2017, Toyota remained the largest carmaker in an expanding Japanese vehicle market but the Nissan Note was the top-selling model.

Fresh vehicle registrations in Japan enlargened by 7.3% to 1,577,750 vehicles during the very first quarter of 2017. Continue reading

two thousand sixteen Coupon Insert Schedule

If you plan your Sunday newspaper purchases based on whether there are any coupons inwards, you’ll be spending a bit more in two thousand sixteen – but hopefully saving more, too. That’s because there will be more coupon inserts in the coming year, and fewer weeks with no coupons at all. Continue reading

2015 Toyota Rush

It’s clear that this is the era of compact SUVs again, just like the mid-1990s when Toyota introduced its RAV4 and created a fresh market segment almost overnight. Over the years, Toyota continued to introduce other puny SUVs and among them was the Rush, which was conceived as a ‘Recreational Urban SUV’. Continue reading