At least one dead as white nationalists inflame Virginia clashes

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (Reuters) – A gathering of hundreds of white nationalists in Virginia took a deadly turn on Saturday when a car plowed into a group of counter-protesters and killed at least one person in a flare up of violence that challenged U.S. Continue reading

6 cars making over 1,000 hp debuted in Geneva

Power; it’s the defining factor that separates hypercars from all the others. In the case of the Geneva Motor Demonstrate, there were slew of high-horsepower hypercars on display for us to fawn over. From Artega to Zenvo, these six undoubtedly turned some goes with figures well over the 1,000 mark. Continue reading

Crossover crazy: six puny SUVs that hit every sweet spot in 2017

Today’s field of puny SUVs ranges from spacious five-seat crossovers to glorified hatchbacks with just a few more inches of ground clearance.

In reality, they are compact sedans with taller figures, higher suspensions and, typically, all-wheel drive platforms. Continue reading

For the best in luxury and spectacle, look to these five DNA Award winners

Spectacle cars are superb, but luxury spectacle cars are even better. These models are the best of the best in the spectacle category, melding scalpel-sharp driving dynamics with opulent accommodations.

Our Daily News Auto Awards pay tribute to the models that zip ahead of the rest in various vehicle segments, and winners are culled by our editors and contributors. Continue reading

two thousand seventeen Nissan 370Z Nismo review: Nissan’s greatest Z-car is an aging prizefighter that’s still got the moves

The good The two thousand seventeen Nissan 370Z Nismo’s spectacle upgrades convert the sports coupe into a street-legal race car. The stiff suspension offers fine track feel and the broad, gooey tires give slew of grip when cornering. Continue reading

2016 Isuzu MU-X LS-T 4×4 auto | Top five reasons to buy movie

Despite the latest barrage of off-road SUVs coming onto the market, Isuzu’s MU-X has continued to be the most popular of its ute-based rivals. The four-wheel drive version of the MU-X in LS-T spec is the king of the range – and here are the top five reasons to buy it. Continue reading