Five automotive oddities you can use to wow your car friends

The Manic GT was arguably the best Canadian car of all-time. And hardly anybody has ever heard of it.

Here are five automotive oddities to have in your back pocket – just in case

With sunshine ultimately here and local cars and coffee events ultimately ramping up, it’s time to get the dust cover off the ol’ jalopy and make sure she’s ready to run. Continue reading

Five affordable, gas-sipping used luxury cars

One concentrate of the climate switch summit in Paris this week is on the need to use less gasoline as part of the effort to help limit greenhouse gas emissions. If you’ve always wished a luxury car but weren’t sure you could afford it, why not get a used one that’s more affordable and that also has a high gas mileage rating, and thus a greener profile? Continue reading

Four juveniles arrested in Homeland carjacking; Police recover stolen vehicle

Two juveniles charged as adults, two others charged as juveniles

Two juveniles charged as adults, two others charged as juveniles

Two juveniles charged as adults, two others charged as juveniles

Four juveniles have been arrested in connection with crimes in the Homeland neighborhood of Baltimore, police said. Continue reading

Trio dead, including 2-year-old woman, after police pursue completes in Fresh Orleans East crash

Gallery: three dead after police pursue | The Times-Picayune

A 2-year-old female and two studs died after a police pursue ended in a crash on Chef Menteur Highway in Fresh Orleans East Wednesday afternoon (June 28), Louisiana State Police said. Continue reading

How realistic is the two thousand fifteen of ‘Back to the Future Part II’?

The future – at least Chicago-born director Robert Zemeckis’ idea of the future, as envisioned in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine – arrives, in our present space-time continuum, in five hundred fifty three Earth days. Continue reading

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