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This is the 2nd time I have booked a reservation with Enterprise and then received a call later that day to be told there are “no vehicles available”. Why would I be able to make the reservation in the very first place if there were no vehicles available! Yes, I should have learned the very first time but I figured I’d give them a 2nd chance. Totally ruined my plans and attempting to get another vehicle on such brief notice at other rental companies was totally out of my budget. Wish I would have found these reviews sooner so I never would have booked with them in the very first place.

The reasoning I’m letting paying good customer knows my practice on a business road journey. Okay I been renting car from this location ten thousand one hundred N. Florida Ave Tampa, FL thirty three thousand six hundred twelve many years. Now they want to put me on a don’t rent list due to fact I complain about a car I rented. The very first car they gave it smell like ** and the power steer wheel was hard to turn, then I get Toyota that the windshield that just stop working and the blade was never substitute also, the maintain light keep coming on. I called ** the assistant manager. He told me to take to Good Year to have them to look at it. They told me that no excuse for them not only switch oil they should have done a routine. Come to find out the oil cap wasn’t on right and the blade need to be substitute. The assistant manager ** had the car taken to the shop. I was told to called back in Tampa and talk with the manager to have a car or road assistant to reserved for me.

No it didn’t happen. He just transfer us to someone else. The lady stayed on the phone for hours attempting to help us. 736.00 for a week and half total of hell. I miss a very significant meeting that next morning due to non-professional agent didn’t do his job incorrectly. So I called customer service and they tells me I can’t rent a car for them any. I want my money back and I’m going over someone head about the treatment. I’m a paying customer. I have right to complain and if anything happen to the car that why I got total coverage. But this is on their end, and the manager get mad and put me on a don’t rent from them.

I been renting cars from Enterprise many years and my clients. All that for switch as of today. Since this fresh team came into all I been getting hell and **. I never had a problem if I did the assistant manager will personally called me and solve the solution. Not to put me on don’t rent list due to I spoke my mind and complain on how unprofessional. Had to use this number cause they won’t let me get into my account. The manager knew I was going to complain and go to a higher authority.

I rented a car from Enterprise for a Doctor appointment with my son in South Carolina. On our way back our passenger back tire blew out on the HWY. We were fortunate there were no cars behind us. I called customer service and explained them the situation. That is where everything commenced. They dreamed me to drive one hundred ten miles on the replacement tires to Atlanta and get a fresh car. Or we know, the manufacturer decently labeled on the tire to not drive more than eighty Km, approximately fifty mile on the Donut Tire.

We find a nearest Enterprise which is approximately eleven miles. We called and they began asking about if the reservation is about Business or Leisure. As soon as my wifey beginning explaining the situation, the lady in Lavonia, GA office asked her to hold on and she needed to talk the Manager. She came back and she said there is nothing available in their location. We know it was a liar because she asked about what type of reservation when she picked the phone very first.

She said the nearest location is Greenville SC Airport. We drove back fifty miles to Greenville Airport. There they attempted to blame the blowout on us. That was ridiculous. Back to Alabama to comeback the Rental car, the assistant manager in Madison Blvd office just said they are not responsible for a blowout tire of a car we rented from them. The moral of Story, Choose another rental car instead of Enterprise, everything in their motto (choose us and will pick you up is a liar). They will transfer your call from office to office until you get tired.

Going to contact an attorney due to this locations fraudulent activity. Spoke to the manager and he could care less. Do not use them unless you want five hundred extra dollars charged to your credit card for no reason. He was not worried about their poor employee training, awful treatment of customers and pretty much blew me off that there was nothing he could do. Use any other company but not Enterprise!

Booked a rental car in Memphis using Kayak. Was sent a confirmation email and a reference. Rang the Enterprise office and was advised we would be picked up from our Hotel at 11am, would be driven to the office to finish the paperwork and pay, then drive away. As we were ready early we rang the office to inquire if we could have the car earlier, we were then told they had no car for us and to ring back at lunchtime when they may be able to arrange one for four pm. We were in Memphis for three days for the Elvis 40th week and had planned to visit Tupelo on this day. After a heated discussion the woman at Enterprise put the phone down on us.

Due to Enterprise’s inability to provide the service I had booked through Kayak we were stuck with the costs of many telephone calls using a UK mobile and Taxi fares. We eventually managed to get a car from Hertz who were very helpful and reliable. Thank you Enterprise and Kayak, you wasted a day of my holiday and cost me over $100. The rating above of one starlet is too high but there is no option for no or minus starlets.

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Enterprise told me three times, by three different agents, including a supervisor, they would pick me up. After a two hour and thirty minute wait, I was then advised I would not be picked up. On Friday, August 25, 2017, I was returning to Los Angeles from the Eastern Sierras from a camping excursion. My transmission went out in Big Pine, CA.

I originally called the Bishop, CA Enterprise at 11:15 a.m. on Friday, August 25, 2017. I advised I was in Big Pine, CA, which is about fifteen miles south of Bishop. The agent stated she did not know where Big Pine was. I said, “how can you live in Bishop and not know where Big Pine is?” The agent described that she had moved just three (Three) days ago but needed to get out. She put me on hold to determine if I could be picked up. I told the agent specifically I was at the Shell station in Big Pine. (This is a puny town, maybe thirty storefronts on one road. There is only one Shell station. I also gave the address.)

After the hold, the agent came back on the line and told me, yes, I could be picked up, but it would take an hour. I said OK and waited. At 11:23 a.m. I received an email verification from Enterprise, which I thought was very efficient since I didn’t give them my email. Seems I am a member of Enterprise Plus Loyalty Program. At 11:41 I received a voice mail from Daniel advising me that a sedan was not available, only a pick up, and that it would be provided at the same cost. His only instruction to me was to call if that was not OK. Hence, I didn’t call.

At 12:24 p.m. I embarked making calls to the Bishop office because no one showcased up I couldn’t get anyone to response. I called the Enterprise 800# because no one was picking me up as promised and I couldn’t even get Bishop to pick up the phone. I spoke with an agent who escalated me to a supervisor. They couldn’t get through to the Bishop branch either. I was told emails were being sent and the situation would be monitored.

At 1:02 p.m. I eventually got through to the Bishop office and spoke with Adriana. She said she was the supervisor. She advised that the office was closed for lunch inbetween noon one p.m. I asked why isn’t there an announcement stating that, and how come the main office didn’t know that? She had no response. However, she advised that Daniel instantaneously to come pick me up. She appeared to know where I was as she did not ask. I stated I had been waiting already for almost two (Two) hours, and I dreamed a definite time of his arrival. I was told twenty minutes.

At 1:28 p.m. I called Daniel, as I had his number in my phone from the truck for sedan issue. He said he had not left yet but would come get me right away. He didn’t ask where I was either. Hence, I assumed he knew. Someone does not say they will pick you up if they do not know where you are. However, at 1:38 p.m. Daniel called me asking where I was. I said the Big Pine Shell station, just like I told the agent at 11:15 a.m. He said that was too far, and that I would not be picked up. I advised him that three (Three) different agents, including himself, promised me I would be picked up. He said, sorry, too far, against the rules and suspended up on me.

I was obviously fairly livid. I spent the next forty minutes attempting to thru to the Bishop office, or the main Enterprise number. Bishop never answered. The main Enterprise number very first sent my call back to the non-answering Bishop office. I called again, waited for a supervisor, who advised that the Regional Office would deal with this, but it wouldn’t be that day. I was advised I would be contacted by them on Monday, August 28, 2017. I asked for a number to go after up with the Regional Office, but was advised I could not receive that information.

I have never received the promised contact from Enterprise Regional Office. Hence, I contacted AAA at Two:15 p.m. to have my car towed to Bishop so I can it at a place for repair or sale and get the rental car. I was told by AAA it would be Three:30 p.m. before they could pick me up. Obviously, if I was told at 11:15 a.m. that National would not pick me up I could have saved three (Three) hours! I was very worried because I still had a long drive ahead of me, and did not want to be driving through the mountains at night. Hence, the reason I left Demons Postpile beyond Mammoth Mountain at nine a.m.

At Trio:15 p.m. AAA called me and said it was going to take another hour. I advised of my plight, and that Enterprise was closing at five p.m. Hence, they were nice enough to provide the rail to the Enterprise office. When I eventually got to the Enterprise office, and after doing the paperwork, a youthfull, slovenly appearance youthfull man introduced himself as Daniel and asked how I was. I explained not good, going over the litany of problems discussed above. He very first said to me, “you didn’t call back to confirm about the truck, so I didn’t know if I was to pick you up.” I said, “your voice mail said to only call if it was not OK.” He looked at me sheepishly.

I then complained that Supervisor Adriana and Daniel, on two separate occasions, said they would pick me up. He said “we didn’t know where you were.” I said, “why would you say you would pick someone up if you didn’t know where they were.” He had no response. As we walked around the truck Daniel told me he would give me an extra day free and 20% off. He wrote that down on contract. I told him the extra day didn’t matter that much. He said I would have to comeback the vehicle to LAX, which I said was OK because it was not that much further than the Marina Del Rey office. I did not use the truck for any purpose but to rail from Bishop to my home.

When we walked around the truck we only examined the bod. I asked Daniel if we could go inwards and switch the amount on my credit card, and he told me not to worry, he would do everything on the computer. He then circled the 366.Nineteen at the bottom and told me with the 20% off the price would be about $200. I did not understand his math at that point, but accepted his representation.

Because of all these circumstances I had the most awkward practice of driving in the mountains injecting Los Angeles downhill at night. Let’s say I was not singing Enterprises praises at that time. When I returned the vehicle at LAX on August 25, 2017, I was advised that there was 20% off in the computer for the rental, but not the drop off fee. While 20% was inadequate for the horrible inconvenience caused to me, and I intended to write for a larger discount, or even a waiver of all rental charges. LAX advised it appeared that it was only applicable to the rental

$12 off for having to wait for three plus hours and not even be picked up. That is fairly an insult. When I checked in at LAX I was advised there was a puny pebble rock harm to the windshield. I said, yes, I noticed that about five minutes after driving away. I explained that we only examined the bod of the car, the windshield was not involved.

I was told that the Bishop office would call me on Monday, August 28, 2017, to deal with all these charges issues, but of course, I never received any call. Each time I call Enterprise I hear how significant the customer is and how Enterprise will pick you up. However, this is all fairly false. Enterprise told me the Regional Office would contact me. That is false. Enterprise told me the Bishop Office would contact me. That is false. Enterprise told me three (Three) times they would pick me up. That was false. Enterprise told me about $200 would be taken off the bill, which I do not yet know is false because I have not been contacted and the total amount, including the security deposit, is still pending on my credit card.

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