Top ten Car Blogs of 2016

Chances are that you’ll have spent a bit of time researching cars online if you’re planning on buying a fresh car. Have you ever felt that you’re missing out on something? There are some amazing car blogs out there, packed with info and advice, and some that are… less useful! We’ve found the top ten car blogs and vlogs out there so you can be sure that you’re buying the right car for you.

Looking for news and impartial advice about the latest cars? With blogs like seven Good Truck Deals Before The Fresh Year and two thousand fifteen Best Cars For Families, this is the place to turn for up-to-the-minute car facts and figures.

About Cars blog is… about cars. It’s that plain. Pretty much anything you want to know about the latest cars can be found here. Fresh, used, maintenance, collecting, this blog has got it.

Less of a car research website than a blog where car enthusiasts can lose themselves for hours, Jalopnik is a treasure trove of information. Want to compare the cheapest car today to the most expensive car a century ago? This is where you need to go. Ever wondered which superhero would make the best mechanic? You need to go here. (There are more conventional articles too, with reviews and news about forthcoming releases.)

Okay, okay, this is more escapism than a blog that’ll help you make informed decisions about your next car. But life’s too brief to be sensible all the time! If you want to look at the world’s top cars in act, check out this blog. Warning: spending too long on this site will result in serious car envy!

For anyone even remotely considering an electrical or hybrid car, this should be the very first port of call. As well as impartial reviews of fresh cars, the website is crammed total of news about all things EV (organized helpfully by car brand and category). Head to the upbeat forum to have all your questions answered by the experts.

Our beloved part of this blog is the Car Hacks category. If you’re looking for hints and tips or inspiration, we recommend this site. From the zany Batman go-kart to the no-punches-pulled investigation into Teslas, there’s a giant range of content.

To put it simply, this one’s excellent – car facts, tips for buying, hints to get the most when selling your vehicle, car quizzes. And we hear on the grapevine there’s even more amazing content coming this year… [Sorry, please excuse the bragging – this one’s our own baby, the TRED blog! We love it and we think others should too!]

There’s a reason the eGarage vlogs have had more than three million views – they’re up-to-date, interesting, and professional. There’s so much to see here that we recommend scheduling a week off work and parking yourself in front of the screen.

Have you ever wondered how some vloggers get hold of amazing supercars to review? Or how amateurs create such high-quality content? We ensure that you’ll ponder those questions as you love the shows on Petrolicious. Witness and be astounded.

Project Binky (Featured on the Bad Obsession YouTube channel)

This is the car vlog for people who aren’t truly that interested in cars. We’ll leave the rest as a surprise. Just trust us, this one’s good…

Have we missed out any amazing car blogs or vlogs? Maybe there’s a hidden gem that you think the world should know about (maybe it’s your own site?)? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

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