Top ten Best-Selling Cars in China

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China is the largest automotive market in the world, with the country selling and making more cars than anywhere else on the planet.

But what’s interesting is what that market consists of. The Chinese automotive landscape is very different from what we see in America. Here’s the most popular cars that are made in China, in terms of sales based on the numbers from China Auto Web and the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA).

Here are the ten best selling cars in China.

Ten. Baojun 560

Baojun is the result of a joint venture inbetween General Motors, the Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation and Liuzhou Wuling Motors Co Limited. In addition to Baojun, the joint venture also led to the creation of the Wuling brand as well. These Chinese brands are among the most popular in the country, including the Baojun five hundred sixty which was reported as being the 10th most sold vehicle there, topping sales of 321,555 units in 2016.

This compact crossover, is evidently built on a “world-class Lotus-optimized chassis” according to the automaker, and is powered by a 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine that makes one hundred thirty five horsepower.

9. GAC Trumpchi GS4

Another compact crossover, the GAC Trumpchi GS4 is on the list of best selling cars in China. GAC has been rumored to come to the United states, perhaps ripping off the GAC name and just using the name of its successful Trumpchi lineup. The GS4 sold a whopping 326,906 units last year. It sports a turbocharged 1.3-liter four-cylinder engine that makes about one hundred thirty five horsepower.

8. VW Sagitar

As far as we can tell, the Sagitar is a Mark six Volkswagen Jetta made in the FAW-VW plant in Changchun, using parts sourced from Volkswagen de Mexico. Despite that, it sold an incredible 341,331 units last year.

7. VW Jetta

It seems like the Sagitar isn’t fairly enough Jetta to sate the Chinese market, and a newer iteration of the Jetta, also sells in the market (as does another one that uses another name, the Bora.) It’s kind of a mind-boggling nomenclature, but whatever, it works for VW China as 348,437 Jettas were sold in China last year.

6. Nissan Sylphy

The Sylphy is basically a Sentra, but in China, the car is suggested with two naturally aspirated four-cylinder engines. The 1.8-liter model is similar to our North American model, making around one hundred thirty horsepower while the Chinese model is also suggested with a less powerful 1.6-liter engine. The other big difference inbetween the North American and Chinese model is where they’re built, as these ones are made by the Dongfeng Motor Company in Guangzhou. Last year, 367,979 fresh models found owners in China.

Five. Baojun 730

Here’s a strange one on the list, the Baojun 730, which is a minivan. Over 370,000 of these were sold in China, which is a lot of seven-seaters! Buyers can choose inbetween a 1.5-liter or 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine, and like the Baojun 560, this car sports some suspension tuning from Lotus.

Four. Buick Excelle GT

Buick has a strong reputation in China and 370,370 of these Excelle GTs were sold last year. Does it look familiar? It should, as this is sold elsewhere as the Opel Astra, or more commonly on our roads as the Buick Verano.

Three. VW Lavida

The best selling sedan is the VW Lavida – which, what do you know, is a facelifted VW Jetta of some kind. We don’t know what they’re putting in these cars that make them so popular, but somehow 478,699 of them were sold, even however there’s two other kinds of Jetta-like cars on this list.

Two. Fine Wall Haval H6, H6 Sport, H6 Coupe

The Chinese market is like ours in one major way, it’s love for practical, spacious crossovers. The Superb Wall Haval H6 is extra special because unlike many of the other vehicles on this list, it is a truly Chinese car, with no input or help from another automaker through a joint venture. Its suggested with a range of gas or diesel engines, and features four wheel drive. An unbelievable 580,683 of them were sold last year, but that number also includes the various versions of the car including the Sport and Coupe models.

1. Wuling Hongguang

The most popular car sold in the Chinese market is the Wuling Hongguang with 650,018 units sold in 2016. The Hongguang has seats for seven passengers, proving once again how popular the versatile minivan figure style can be.

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