Thousands without power with several Toledo streets under water because of street flooding.

T-P-D confirms an officer-involved shooting on its Twitter account.

Donate to the America Crimson Cross to help people who suffered devastating losses due to Hurricane Harvey. You can also text HARVEY to ninety thousand nine hundred ninety nine to donate $Ten.

It looks like the Entire Foods store on Secor road in Toledo could be moving closer to actually happening.

Check the City of Toledo’s Water Quality Dashboard

Some local nurses are making their mission to get essential supplies to people in Texas .

The need for assistance will likely grow to fresh levels, putting fatter requests on the agencies suggesting life-saving help now.

Monday PM Weathercast

Act News At Noon

Dr. Richard Paat and a team of eighteen are heading to some of the hardest hit areas in Texas after flooding cause by Hurricane Harvey. The.

It’s a holiday tradition and a celebration of the local workforce.

Many people say it costs more to eat healthy, but it doesn’t have to.

U.N. Security Council members called for further sanctions against North Korea on Monday after a powerful nuclear test.

The investigation of attacks that killed sixteen people in Barcelona and a nearby town is becoming increasingly international.

Two sisters gave birth on the same day, and for one sister, the miracle of motherhood helps heal from painful memories of losing her very first child.

Authorities are investigating the death of a man who died of his injuries a few hours after he rushed past layers of.

They’re running in the dark for twenty four hours straight. It’s a Labor Day tradition in Sylvania called the twenty four hour relay and stamina challenge. One hundred sixty people turned out.

A local family is dealing with the effects of Hurricane Harvey hundreds of miles away. Sally.

Lewis ended a long winless streak Sunday at Cambia Portland Classic, with her $195,000 in winnings going to the ease.

What embarked as a night out turned into a robbery and an attack by several dogs, according to the Toledo Police Crime Log.

Sgt. Mike Koperski passed away Saturday after battling a uncommon disease. He served with the Toledo Police.

For the very first time in a decade, The Valentine Theatre is producing its own demonstrate, and it’s assured to get your attention.

Pet Project is a weekly segment on 13abc Activity News Sunday Morning featuring dogs up for adoption at the Lucas County Canine Care and Control.

There was a combination of factors that made this storm as intense as it was.

In the midst of so much devastation and loss, a moment to feast.

Weather not a help at all as firefighters in the Western US proceed to battle ongoing wildfires.

Bandmate, Donald Fagen said he intends to keep their music alive as long as he can.

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