Qatar vs Saudi Arabia: Story of Middle East tensions, information warfare


In a dramatic development that sent shockwaves through the Middle East this week, Saudi Arabia, United Arab of Emirates, Egypt and Bahrain, followed by Libya, Yemen and the Maldives, cut off all diplomatic ties with Qatar – a lil’ emirate that borders Saudi Arabia. Continue reading

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The investor relations site (“Site”) with which this document is associated is maintained by S&P Global Market Intelligence (“S&P”) on behalf of the organization featured on the Site (S&P’s “Client”). Continue reading

Online Burma/Myanmar Library

Law and Constitution

The Burmese legal material in this section is divided into Texts and Commentary. Texts are (1) adopted laws (“Laws”, “Acts”); (Two) Bills (legislation proposed but not yet adopted); (Three) implementing instruments (“rules”, “regulations”, “procedures”, by(e)-laws” etc.) all of which we call “Regulations”. (Four) Orders, notifications, announcements, orders etc. Continue reading

One dead after two-car accident on Indiana State Road twenty two

Digital Manager, Movie Reporter

An accident on Indiana twenty two at four hundred East shut the road down for an extended period of time resulting in one fatality on March 17, 2016. The driver, an older masculine, lost control of his vehicle that was traveling west drifting off the road to the south hitting a pickup and rolling. Continue reading

Nuovi incentivi auto GPL e metano per convertire l’alimentazione

Mentre l’Europa si interroga sulla fine dei carburanti di origine fossile, anche l’Italia investe sulle politiche eco-friendly. Così, dopo la sospensione del 2012, è ripartito l’Accordo di Programma tra il Ministero dell’Ambiente e una Convenzione tra Comuni e dal twenty two marzo i cittadini possono prenotare gli incentivi ICBI (Iniziativa Carburanti a Basso Impatto) per l’installazione di impianti a GPL e metano. Continue reading


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Novartis Closing Cell Therapy Unit; CAR-T Stocks Tumble

  • 8/31/2016

Swiss pharma giant Novartis (NVS) said Wednesday that it’s shuttering its Cell & Gene Therapy unit, however it said it remains committed to its cancer-fighting CAR-T cell program. Continue reading