Which cars are the safest? It’s hard to tell from the government’s ratings

ConsumerAffairs’ founder and former editor, Jim Bondage mask formerly headed Associated Press Broadcast News, directing coverage of major news events worldwide. He also served as Senior Vice President of United Press International and was the founder and editor of Zapnews, a newswire service for radio and television. Continue reading

Which auto dealers are using military technology to observe your every stir?

If you’re poor, desperate and need a car, you’re a candidate for a subprime auto loan. And you’ll very likely have to sign away your privacy to get it.

Which auto dealers are using military technology to observe your every stir? Continue reading

Where interest rates are going in two thousand fifteen – and what it means for your loans

The inwards track on Washington politics.

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Welcome to 2015. Thanks to enhanced momentum in the U.S. economy, this is widely expected to be the year in which the Federal Reserve, at long last, embarks to raise short-term interest rates. Continue reading

When a BMW’s cheapest – the cost of losing your car keys exposed

We expose the surging cost of losing your car keys as well as which cars cost most and what you can do to bring it down

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  • 13:13, twenty three MAY 2017
  • Updated 13:56, twenty three MAY 2017
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Locking your keys in your car, losing them while out, accidentally binning or recycling them, children hiding them. Continue reading

What Is Quantum Mechanics?

Quantum mechanics is the branch of physics relating to the very puny.

It results in what may show up to be some very strange conclusions about the physical world. At the scale of atoms and electrons, many of the equations of classical mechanics, which describe how things stir at everyday sizes and speeds, cease to be useful. Continue reading

What counts as a gangster car these days?

Are you a gangster? It seems unlikely. They don’t subscribe to weekly car magazines, or if they do, they don’t inject into much correspondence with us.

Perhaps that is understandable, what with all that gangstering. I suppose their days are preoccupied with issues like shooters and pigs – they go through bone like butter, you know – rather than writing to Autocar. Continue reading